The Taber Evangelical Free Church’s beginnings can be traced to the efforts of Miss Ruby Krenzke. In the late 40’s and early 50’s she filled her home on 44th Avenue several times a weeks with neighbourhood children for “Happy Hour Bible Clubs.”  In the fall of 1946 she also began holding regular church services in her home. Soon a modest building was erected two blocks south of the CPR depot, and on March 16, 1947 they held their first service there. Just three years later, a 15-foot addition 
became necessary.

In 1952 this independent congregation chose to become affiliated with the Prairie District of the Evangelical Free Church.

In May 1957, another building was constructed, and that facility was significantly expanded in 1983. By 1999 it was necessary to hold two morning services in order to accommodate a continually growing congregation. The congregation then began to look for property on which to construct a new and larger building. 

Although several properties were investigated over the next few years, none seemed to work out--until the old Home Hardware building became available. It was purchased in December of 2006.

With professional expertise and much 
volunteer work, the old hardware store became a beautiful, spacious church 
building (Click here to see photographs: “From Hardware Store to Church.”) 
The first service in the converted hardware store was held in January of 2008. 
The congregation enjoys their new facility, which is proving to be adequate for 
their needs, providing a place with increased opportunities to fulfill the church’s 
reason for existence.

Pastors who have served the church during its history are: Lee and 
Hattie Fosmark (1946-1960); Bernard Steen (1960-64; 1967-68); 
Jake and MaryAnn Plett (1964-67); Ben and Betty Wall (1968-77); 
Fred and Elli Heffke (1977-85); Harry and Marion Ruggles (1985-92); 
Al and Melanie Thiessen (1992-97); Ron and Beryl Gartly (1998-2009); Harry and Wanda Unger (2009-present). Youth pastors who have served this congregation are: Colin Creighton (1990-95); Bob and Jody Dewbury (1995-97); Daron Blenkin (1998-2002); Shane Skretting (interim volunteer, 2002-2003); Jason and Amy Easterbrook (2003-2011); Brett McCoy (2012-present).

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Evangelical Free Church in Taber

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