In Kid’s Church we are teaching the children from David Cook. We are using the Bible-In-Life curriculum, Teaching Big Faith for Everyday Life.

Bible-In-Life’s four-step plan is designed to make each lesson easy to teach. Each step engages teachers and learners to discover more about God and connect those findings to everyday life.

Step 1:  Bible Readiness      

  • Creating Activity
  • Sharing Time
  • This step helps children get ready to learn what God wants them to know about Him by connecting to their own experiences. With a short activity and discussion, this step gives your students time to share about themselves and their lives while building relationships with you and one another. These conversations will flow naturally into...

Step 2:  Bible Story

  • Story
  • Review Questions
  • Bible Story Review Activity
  • Bible Memory Verse
  • This step shows children what the Bible says to them. The children hear the Bible story and then review it together. Your class will also have an opportunity to learn the unit memory verse.

Step 3:  Bible Activity

  • There are 3 activities to chose from, during Covid the teacher will teach the activity that will allow for individual study and social distancing.
  • This step allows children to explore activity centers that will help them understand that Jesus knows who they are. Exploring the Bible story using play, crafts, and simple games helps the children connect God’s Word into their lives.

Step 4:  Bible Response

  • The teacher will use the Make It/ Take It booklet for the children at this time.
  • Seeing God throughout the Week
  • Prayer Time
  • This step helps children apply what they learned about God in their own lives. Together you will go over that you have learned and provide practical ideas for children to live out their faith in everyday life.

Each child will have their own container filled with the items they need including the student booklet and craft book.