Preschool and Kindergarten

During this quarter, your kids will learn about godly virtues modeled by many Old Testament Bible Heroes.
Your kids will learn how Old Testament people longed for the coming Savior.  No matter how good people are, they still fall short of God's perfect standard. As kids encounter these Bilbe characters and their godly attibutes, they will learn how Jesus desires to be their Savior - the Hero of their lives!

Elementary (Grades 1 - 5)

We will be beginning a new journey with the Summit Discipleship series.
Summit is a guided, mentoring adventure that equips disciples for life.  In Summit, your kids will learn to live in Christ, live like Christ, and to live for Christ. 
Summit will ecourage our kids to advance in these vital areas:
- Biblical Knowledge: Tackle the most important Bible topics - to know God intimately.
- Christian Character: Examin the traits of Godly people - to love God passionately.
- Faithful Conduct: Learn and practice vital life skills - to serve God selflessly.

If you have any questions about our Kids Church program please contact our church office at 403-223-2214 or