Life Groups

Life Groups

Lifegroups are an important part of the discipleship process at Taber E-Free.  Lifegroups are times in the week when people gather together to share life with each other.  The best way to describe these groups is with the word ‘Engage’  

At each gathering, a lifegroup should:

Engage with God’s Word

As followers of Jesus Christ, the Bible is essential to growing in our walk with God.  Each Lifegroup is focused on understanding how the Bible directs our life but also how we can put these words and commands of God into practice.  The community of the Lifegroup helps to work out the challenges and celebrate the joys of obeying God’s Word.  

Engage with each other

The Bible calls followers of Jesus Christ to be in loving relationship with each other.  Lifegroups are to be characterized by people connecting in relationship with each other; demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ to each other.  

Engage with the community

As people engage God’s Word and with each other, there is to be a natural move to look out to the community that we are in.  This can mean serving the needs that the Lifegroup sees around them.  This can mean inviting others to join with your Lifegroup.  This can mean sharing the Gospel with others as a Lifegroup.  There are a variety of ways that your Lifegroup can engage with the community around you.  

These three ways of engagement describe what a Lifegroup should look like.  We are excited to see the ways that God will work through his Word and through the relationships made in Lifegroups.