Did you know that God loves you and that you can have a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ?  God sent His Son to earth to live a perfect life.  Jesus’ teachings give us a guideline on how to live, showing us that we can KNOW God; GROW together to be more like Him; and then He asks us to spread the word and GO make disciples, just as He did.  Jesus died on a cross for you and me as a sacrifice, taking care of our sins.  But it doesn’t stop there! Jesus' resurrection from the dead gives us the hope that one day we will also be resurrected and will live with Him forever in heaven!

If you’d like to know more about Jesus or if you have questions, we’d love to talk to you! We would be privileged to share more with you about Jesus and what inviting him as Lord of your life can do for  you!



Yes, we meet in a church building to worship God and fellowship with each other, but we believe the Church is not just a building but we, the people, are God’s Church.  That’s why it’s important to us that you feel welcome here!

Here is a bit of what you can expect…


We believe that there are many ways that we can worship God.  One way that we choose to worship is with each other through music.  We have several worship teams, and while each team may have a different style, they all have a passion and a desire to lead every person in the church to a place of humble worship.


Communion is a celebration of remembrance for people who have chosen to follow Jesus.  Representing the Jewish Passover festival, communion was instituted by Jesus at the Last Supper.  It is for us to remember His body (bread) that was sacrificed to pay for our sins and His blood (the cup) that symbolizes the new covenant with us – allowing us to have a personal relationship with God. We celebrate communion every month, in order that we never forget this sacrifice and atonement for us.


In His teachings, Jesus said, “Believe and be baptized.” When a person says, “YES” to Jesus, baptism is the next step as a an act of obedience for that person to publically confess what Jesus has done for them, and symbolically be cleansed of their sins.  For details on the biblical foundation of baptism, feel free to view our Statement of Faith.  If you would like to be baptized, contact Pastor Keith at the church office.


We consider giving an act of worship. We know that nothing we have is our own, so we choose to give a portion of our finances and watch God do amazing things with our collective resources that we could not do individually.

Please visit our Giving page to see all available ways to give and support the ministries of TEFC.


Each sermon that is preached comes directly from the word of God, the Bible. Our staff and guest speakers strive to ensure that the message is biblically accurate and practical in nature. Each message is covered in prayer, seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit. If you miss any of our sermons or need to get caught up on the current series, go to SERMONS for updated audio messages.


We know that children are important to God. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me”. We have a growing and vibrant children’s ministry where we offer bible teachings that the children can understand and have the opportunity to know Jesus.  We care that our ministry is fun, biblical, safe, and allows children to be in relationship with Jesus and each other. 



KNOW, GROW, GO represents who we are. We believe that these three key words encourage us to learn God's Word and get to KNOW him through a relationship with Jesus Christ; GROW together to be like Jesus; and then GO in the Spirit to make disciples and serve in ministry, inviting others to say "YES" to Jesus.