True Disciples: Romans 12

The words "Christian" or "disciple" can bring to mind a variety of thoughts and definitions.  The person who believes in Jesus can be described with these words, but unless we know what God means by them, we will find ourselves subjectively defining ourselves in the faith.

Romans 12 is a wonderful chapter in Scripture that helps us to define what a true disciple of Jesus Christ looks like.  Each week of this series will explore how God describes what a true disicple of Jesus Christ is.  For perspective, we are encouraging everyone to read Romans 1-11 to see the context that Romans 12 fits into.  Romans 1-11 paint a wonderful picture of the Gospel by which we are saved.

We look forward to the way God will work in our midst as we seek to submit our definition of "disciple" to his Word.

If you have questions throughout this series, we would be happy to talk through them with you.  Please direct your questions to Pastor Keith or the church office.