We have been journeying through the book of Acts for some time, and now we find Paul is in Jerusalem.  We read about how he was led to go there by the Holy Spirit (Acts 20:22), but for what reason?

Paul went to Jerusalem to bear witness for Jesus Christ.

The rest of the book of Acts describes the way that Paul maintained this persistent witness for Jesus - in the midst of challenges and in front of numerous people.  This is where our stories line up with Paul's story.  The Spirit led Paul into circusmtances that gave him the opportunity to witness for Jesus Christ.  The Spirit leads us into similar circumstances so that, as Jesus' disciples, we are able to go into the world to bear witness for Jesus Christ.

We are sent into the world to bear witness for Jesus Christ.

There are challenges and nuances about bearing witness, but every follower of Jesus is called to this privilege and responsibility.  Please join us as we walk together to discover how we can bear witness for Jesus in our world.