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Last Sunday, we saw that the best subjects in the kingdom of God share God's heart for the lost.  They do not despise other followers of Jesus, especially those that seem to need more help in their discipleship.  They are especially concerned that other followers of Jesus Christ remain connected with the mercy and grace of God.  He cares for and seeks out the lost sheep.  As his followers, we adopt the same concern and care for those other followers of Jesus who struggle.

Please consider the following questions as we look to care for one and other:
- Am I aware of someone who has "left the flock" or is struggling in their faith?
- How can I have empathy for this person?  Is there a way for me to come alongside to help?
- Do I find myself "despising" other believers?  Why do I do this?  How can this attitude be changed?
- How can I pray so that I will not despise others in order to have God's heart for the wayward sheep?

This week, we will continue to see how Jesus answers the disciples' question about who is the best in the kingdom.  This is an especially important text because it addressses the way that we approach fellow Christians who have sinned against us.  

Please take time to read Matthew 18:15-20, considering and meditating on how Jesus' words lead us into a deeper life with him.