Welcome to Kids Church!

This year our pre-k and kindergarten class will be focusing on the characters of the old and new testement.  Through understanding these characters and stories they will get the big picture of God's redemptive plan in scripure as well as see how God works through people in mighty ways to complete his purposes.  This is a foundational class that helps lead into the curriculum for older elementary kids.

Grades 1-5 this year will spend the entire year learning about the bible.  Children will embrace the Bible as God's inspired and authoritative message for everyone.  The year of kids church will be broken into four parts under this theme.

1. How we got the Bible. - Children will see the way God has preserved His Word—intact and authoritative throughout centuries. Kids will follow the path from the Bible's inspiratiosn through its translation into other languages. They'll discover the wondrous qualities of God's Word!

2. Why we got the Bible. - Children will see God’s Word transform individuals and cultures. Kids will visit six continents and meet twelve Christians who responded to God’s great concern for those who did not have the Bible. They’ll experience the power and purpose of Holy Scripture!

3. What does the Bible teach me. - Children will explore the Ten Commandments God gave His people at Mount Sinai. Kids will discover that God's Laws show His love and allow us to express our love to Him. They'll be able to see and know the joy and comfort of obeying God's Word! 

4. How does the Bible guide me. - Children will acknowledge that the Bible is as relevant today as when it was first written. Kids will recognize the Bible's importance as a guidebook for all they do. They'll exercise genuine faith and observe the wonders God has in store for them in His Word!