Life groups are an important part of the Discipleship process at Taber EFree and are a perfect place to build meaningful relationships, engage in faith with others and share life together in a supportive community. 

Life groups function best as smaller groups that meet consistently (every week or every two weeks). This consistency is an important part of growing in our faith and in relationship with others.  Life groups at Taber EFree exist to help people.

Know God

Life groups are an opportunity to engage in the word of God with other people.  The Bible is the best way for us to know God and to discover all that God has planned for each of us.  It’s important for every follower of Christ to be regularly engaging in the word of God, learning more about God and what it means to be obedient to Him.

Grow in Christlikeness

Life groups are more than just doing a Bible study together;  they are an opportunity to experience life and authentic community together.  Followers of Jesus grow in their faith best around other people. People that they can pray with, encourage and have accountability with.  This is also a place to celebrate the joys of life and to also walk alongside each other and provide care during difficult seasons.  While we share this life together, we continue to pursue the goal of learning to be more like Christ.

Go and Make Disciples

Life groups are also a great opportunity to invest and serve those around you.  Our life groups are encouraged to pray for ways in which God is calling them to serve together.  This may mean to serve in an organization, in the community or the church.  As life groups meet, there should be this natural desire to meet needs around them and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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