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Life Story: The Parables of Luke

This fall, we will explore the parables of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.

Jesus routinely taught in parables.  They were stories that were designed to carry spiritual truths into the lives of his listeners.  But they weren’t always simple

Jesus told his disciples that he spoke to the people in parables so that they could see and hear the truths about the Kingdom of God, but not too clearly (Luke 8:9-10).

In these parables, we will be challenged to see how Jesus addresses a variety of issues in our lives - issues that relate to the way that we understand and follow him.  These are stories that are designed to impact our very lives, taking us into new direcitons as we follow Jesus.

To explore these stories even further, weekly study guides will be available for Lifegroups.  Each week’s guide will have questions designed to help draw out applications from the text so that your Lifegroup can help one and other walk in faith and obedience to these teachings of Jesus.

Check out our Sermons Page to stay up to date with these life changing stories.