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To run Kids Church effectively, the children, I and God need volunteers:

1. Teachers for the classrooms: Preschool, Early Elementary, Elementary and Upper Elementary. 
We need 16 teachers in total, we now have only 4. These classes would require about 1 to 1 and a half hours of preparation time and the actual class time of 50 minutes, so I total of 2 to 2 and a half of your time per week. 

2. Helpers for the toddlers’ we need a total of 4, we do not have any now. We also need helpers for the classroom which requires just the time on Sunday for Kids Church, during the sermon, about 50 minutes.  We need 12 and we have 5.

Other volunteers that are needed are

1.  Helpers for a Christmas program
2. Volunteers to pray for the children
3. Volunteer to send out birthday card


So please, if you feel that you are called to help, please contact me. My email is

I am looking forward to serving you in this ministry.

Diane Noble
Kids Church Coordinator