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Alberta Phase 2 Relaunch

As many of you are aware, the Alberta government has released their guidelines for the province’s Phase Two relaunch. This update includes changes for places of worship and new parameters about how we can gather.

The Elders and Executive Board remain committed to helping the church demonstrate a continuing trust in God’s timing, providence, and strength.  We understand that it has been difficult to be apart as a congregation. We also recognize that there have been a variety of responses from different churches in our area.  However, as followers of Jesus, we continue to bear the responsibility to be shining lights in these unclear times.  This involves faithfulness in our daily living, but also a continuing trust in God by remaining submissive to the regulations of our governing leaders. The Scriptures point us to a reality where we live as free people, but also that we are not using our freedom as a cover-up for evil (defying those rulers over us).  We are to show others around us that we fear God and honor those in authority over us (1 Peter 2:13-17).

Yet, we still long to gather together and rejoin for the practice of worship.  Therefore, the Elders and Executive Board are meeting on Tuesday to review these updated guidelines and develop a plan for the church's next steps. These plans will be shared with the church in next week's newsletter.

Please pray for our congregation as we continue life apart for a little while longer and pray that we will be a church that exemplifies a growing trust and reliance on God in these times.

This week, our newsletter also includes our guide for Prayer Day, information on supporting the Pregancy Care Centre, and information about supporting Teen Challenge.

Thank you for reading each week and staying connected with life at Taber E-Free.

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