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Alberta Phase 2 Relaunch

As we continue seeking to fulfill our mission as a church during this pandemic, we also look forward to when we can begin exploring new rhythms of public worship. This week, the Elders and Executive Board met to review the current phase two guidelines for places of worship from the Government of Alberta. At that meeting, a motion was passed to resume worship services in accordance with the provincial guidelines.

Our worship services will start again on Sunday, June 28.

As expected, there are a number of details and adjustments that will need to be sorted out so that we can safely and responsibly gather again. The leadership and staff will be working together to plan and prepare the necessary arrangements to gather again. As we look forward to June 28, there are some things that we ask from you as the church.

1) Pray for Your Leaders
The Elders, Executive Board, and Staff will all have roles to play in helping resume worship services. Pray for unity and harmony as we work together.
Pray also for our leaders in government. We are repeatedly reminded in Scripture to remain obedient to the authority that God has placed over us (Romans 13, 1 Peter 2, Titus 3). Praying for our provincial and federal leaders is the first step towards living in this submissive posture in our culture.

2) Engage in the Process
In the coming days, guidance on how our worship services will proceed will be communicated. Please engage with us as we work out how we step forward. This engagement may look like confirming attendance to a service or offering feedback on possible directions.

3) Practice Love and Understanding
The leadership understands that our worship services will not look or feel the same. We are determined to offer services that give us the space to worship our Saviour, but also operate within the prescribed guidelines from the province. We ask that you have patience and understanding as we all discover what these new worship services will look like. We also ask that each person who is attending the worship services to respect the parameters outlined from the leadership. We ask this for the sake of consideration for our broader community and for the sake of our public witness.

We all look forward to worshipping again together. Please continue in love and faith as followers of Christ.

Our newsletter also includes our guide for Prayer Day, news about a great opportunity for your children with SABC, and information on supporting the Pregancy Care Centre.

Thank you for reading each week and staying connected with life at Taber E-Free.

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